Monday, 31 October 2016

Fabulous London Comic Con Weekend!

MCM London Comic Con finished last weekend. It was absolutely wonderful!

Thank all the people who visited me and supported my artworks. Your support makes me go further!

I'd like to announce one amazing things happened during this convention which is my latest art print -Betsutengai- got sold! It was high quality print on a semi-glossy photo paper, which made it the best product on my table. I really appreciate and very happy this dear customer liked it and brought it home. Thank you very very much!

There's another special thing happened that I met three Taiwanese girls in this event, one of them was even from the same hometown as me! I'm really happy. :D

I got some interesting commissions like a yaoi request, LoveLive! and a couple of original characters, which were very fun to draw.

Manga portrait is a huge part in the convention, too. Here are my favourite portraits from each day.

At last, I'd like to show you my collection from other artists. They are all very talented and hard working.

This MCM is my last convention this year. Looking forward to seeing you everyone again next year! ^__^

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Thunderbolt Fantasy - Twitter sketches bunch

This week I've been drawing Thunderbolt Fantasy doujin comic every evening after work. The CP I'm drawing is 殤不患 x 凜雪鴉 (Shō Fu Kan x Rin Setsu A)♥ This pair is really cute!

If Thunderbolt Fantasy is new to you, feel free to check out its website and PVs and prepare to be amazed!
Official website
PV 1
PV 2

Okay, come back to my story, it's going to have five pages. There will be a five to six pages sequence after this one. I'm thinking of publishing them to a doujin book in A5 size with total 14-16 pages. Thunderbolt Fantasy is not widely known yet, so I'm not sure if I should publish it. (I'm afraid no one's gonna buy it…) Maybe I'll simply do paid digital download in my Etsy shop.

Anyway, it's a good chance to try out Clip Studio Paint for something I love. I've never used it for comics yet. I'm gonna finish this story first and decide publish thing afterwards. Hope to update soon, and of course I'll translate it to English.☺

Monday, 10 October 2016

Hsiao and Yi (西門笑與西門義)

Last time when I drew "The distance between four and twelve", I was inspired by a series of romance novels written by Yuching. Now I have just drawn another piece inspired by the same novelist but from a different series.

The same thing about the two pairs I drew is they both appear in each series often, but there's never a complete story about themselves. So we (readers) have to find out every paragraphs of them from every books to make a picture of the pairs. The reason why the author felt reluctant to write was because the publisher meant to publish "men and women" romances. Therefore those yaoi kind wouldn't be published and that's why they were hidden in the other books, with the lightest hint.

This picture is called "Hsiao and Yi" which is based on their names: Hsimen Hsiao and Hsimen Yi. Yes, they have the same surname - Hsimen, which means they are brothers, but non-blood related. Because they are adopted kids in Hsimen family. Hsiao is a swordsman and good at martial arts. Yi is a business man. So I drew a sword by Hsiao and a abacus by Yi.

Anyway, those two series are my favourite novels. If possible I want to draw more of them.^__^

I'm now a big fan of Thunderbolt Fantasy as well. So you'll see more of this kind of images coming.^__^


Close up..

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Betsu Ten Gai

Betsu Ten Gai (蔑天骸) is my favourite character in Thunderbolt Fantasy. Because he is pretty!!!! 

Thunderbolt Fantasy is really well made and fun. The puppets look luxury and elegant. They move smoothly and the fighting scenes are amazing. The puppet masters really put the soul into the puppets bodies. The scenes and decorations are extremely delicate. The voice actors and actresses did great jobs, too. As the facial expression is limited to read from the puppets, the voice acting is relatively important. I really like it in the whole.

The first season has come to an end. I'm excited that there is going to be a second season! Can't wait for it!

If you are new to Thunderbolt Fantasy, here are some pvs to get start. Hope you'll like it, too. :)

Monday, 19 September 2016


For English please go to my deviantART: [link]









Ps. 由於于晴部落格裡面的聶家番外“夜夢魂牽之十二相思”是比較直白的暗示,所以用了劉過的四字令/醉太平題詞(前面幾句描寫女人容貌的我就拿掉了XD)。原詞:
年代:宋 作者: 劉過

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con

I'll exhibit at Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con with my table partner TH Yu next weekend. We have one artist table in the foyer. I don't have a table number yet because the tables are at first come first served basis. Please wish me luck to get a nice one.:D

There I'll be selling Ciel the Little Red (doujinshi), A3 posters, A4 fine art prints, postcards, fans, key rings, and commissions & manga portrait. Please come to visit me!:D

Ciel the Little Red

A3 Posters *Low in stock*

A4 Fine art prints (there will be more on the day)

Postcards (there will be more on the day)

Key rings & Fans

Commissions & Manga portrait

Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con
Date: 20~21 Aug
Venue: Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel & Spa
24-26 Newport Road, Cardiff, CF24 0DD

I'll go to Llandudno a couple of days to visit Snowdonia, then head to Cardiff for a one day trip. Finally enjoy this con on the weekend. Can't wait for this summer Wales trip + con.♥

As I'll be on the trip for a whole week, my shop and Fiverr will be switched to holiday mode and opened again when I come back.^_^

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Commissions ready to offer!

I've been thinking of opening commissions online to offer my drawings and hopefully to make a living out of it for a long time. However it is not easy for me because I have a day job and can only draw in spare time. If I have to manage the commission thingy all by myself I'll probably have no time to sleep.XD I need a very organised and easy-to-use platform to run my commission and here Fiverr comes! Fiverr has been in the market for years but I was only introduced to it this year. After months of thinking, I decided to open an account and have a try.

It is really simple to use. You can easily see sample images and compare the packages I'm offering. Now I have Sketch deals and Inking deals. Each deal has three packages: Standard, Premium, and Pro which stand for headshot, half-body, and full-body figure. The package prices and extra costs are clearly listed. So it's easy to know what is the best for you.

Please go to Commissions page for more information.
If you need an image and my art style suits for you, please do not hesitate to make an order.^__^