Sunday, 11 June 2017


My blog is now dormant. My latest updates will be on Twitter, Facebook, DeviantART, and Instagram. Welcome to view and follow me up. In the mean time, please explore all of the posts freely. Here are some explanations of each site:

 ☆ Twitter - updated fast and frequently. A bit chatty sometimes.

 ☆ Facebook - also updated fast and frequently and is not as chatty as my Twitter. It's a good place to follow up my artworks if they get to show in your timeline.

 ☆ DeviantART - my full gallery is here. All my works including very old ones. Enjoy!

 ☆ Instagram - showcases my hand-drawn pieces. Including drafts & commissions.

 ♥ Please support me!

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Etsy - BearLionShop

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