Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Translation of my book "D-Class Fight" (p1-10)

So far I have only translated 10 pages. It is a difficult task for me because I am still learning English. I'll do my best and hopefully I can translate at least 10 pages every week. :)

*Cover of D-Class Fight

Page 1
Soon the sports day will start, Are you ready?

Page 2/3   (Cross page)
Page 2
Krory: Why do I have to stand beside you?
Tyki: You can go away if you like.

Page 3
up: See how we gorgeously win this competition!
down: D-class Fight (title)

Page 4
Broadcast: Dear students of D school---- Today is----
It's so loud… what's with the broadcast?
Broadcast: And the prize of the winner is-----
So noisy…
One voice: Hey! Get up, you!
Allen: Who is it? Where am I?
Voice: Come on, wake up! Now!
Broadcast: The D school Sports Day is now officially started,

Page 5
I hope everybody has a very good time today.
Allen: Yes! The Sports Day!  Shit! I fell asleep!
Kanda: Let's go, Allen. The Sports Day is for waiting us.
Allen: But…Are you SURE it's Sports Day??
Kanda: Sure! (What do you think it is?)
Ravi: (This is your uniform.)
Allen: (Could someone punch me again to wake me up please?)

Page 6
While in the changing room. (Allen's uniform got wet by dew because he was sleeping outside.)
Ravi: We must win this game!
Kanda: Right! It's a chance to win the Hot Spring Trip.
Allen: Hot Spring Trip? Where to?
Kanda: Somewhere like "Beitou Hot Spring" or…
Ravi: Yap.
Allen: Where is Beitou?
Kanda: Dunno.
 (The SUPER intelligent third grade seniors have shown up!!)
Light: It's in Taiwan! (As you're already in the second grade, you should have such common sense!)
L: It's a great opportunity to go abroad. (Of course I did persuade the principal a bit earlier.)
Page 7
Ravi: (So we definitely must win the prize!)
Kanda: (You're right!) (Burn-- Burn-- Burn--)
Light: (Hmm…)
L: They're burning, Light kun.
Light: Don't worry, my dear L, we'll always be the tennis double champion in the school!! (My tennis is just as good as my flirting.)
L: Um! (You're so cool! Light kun.)
Light: only if…… our school holds tennis games!!!  Ah~~~ (They're totally useless outside those tennis games.)
Allen, Kanda, Ravi: (There wasn't any tennis game before either…)

Page 8
Kra. (sound of door closing)
Mello: Ah…! (They walked out from the same changing room!!!)
Light, L: Oh.
Allen, Kanda, Ravi: Wowww~~ (That's the THIRD GRADE~~)
Lidner: You….Why are you coming out from the SAME changing room? (Freeze!)
Near: Don't you worry, there is still quite a bit space for us. (Lidner…Hum…)
Lidner: This isn't what I'm asking!!
All: The problem is… why are you here in the men's changing area???

Page 9
Little Theatre ~Light x L~
Light: By the way, do you like the skirt that I made for you?
L: Yes, I like it, it's ventilative. And it is really a well-made, Light kun. (L just wants to get a close look of the skirt.)
Light: Oh oh oh oh oh oh  (Nose bleeding)

Page 10  (Yonkoma manga)

Eightsound's most-wanted-to-draw yonkoma I:
Athrun: Attention please! All player please come here now.
Eightsound: You…You are Athrun? Right?
A: Yes. You know me?
E: Yes, I know you. What are you doing here?
A: Oh, I am the first grade student, and the first grade has to be the referee. (Because Destiny is also a D group, so I am also here…)
E: Ah, Ah… (He is) just as cute as I expected!!
A: Are you nose bleeding? Please use the handkerchief… (Why it's getting worse when I get closer!?)

Eightsound's most-wanted-to-draw yonkoma II: (backward)
Eightsound: You…You are Athrun? Right?
Athrun: Yes. You know me?
E: Woww! I've never thought I can see you in person!
A: Ah, ah! Please don't pull my clothes!
A: P…Please don't touch my head either….
A: Ah, ah!!! Please stop doing this! No, not this place please….. (Stop messing around please! HE will be angry with me~~~)
E: Mwahaha! Mwahahaha-----!

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