Sunday, 2 December 2012

Icy Flame Pre-order

My lastest doujinshi Icy Flame is finally has its happy end. I'm very happy that I completed it and did not give up in the half way.^^ It's a huge work! Wow!=w=

I'm really grateful for all my DA friends' support all the one-and-half year! Because of them, I can keep on going to this stage! Thank you very much!!^___^

About Icy Flame Pre-Order, because MN fans are not a very big group now, so I won't make many copies. I'll open Icy Flame Pre-Order from now until 20 Jan 2013, and only print the same amount of the orders. I may print a little more in case there are late comers.^^

Here is information about pre-order Icy Flame:


Icy Flame Pre-order
Open until 20 Jan 2013
Mello x Near doujinshi (Yaoi)(R18)

[Inner Pages]

Size: B5
Pages: 84 Pages + Colour cover
Content: Icy Flame 79 pages + (Extra) Hairgel 4 pages + Free talk 1 page
Price: £9.50 (UK&Europe postage included.)
(Other region postage add £3.)

Style: Pencil sketch + digital shading


*Note: All the purchases will be considered accepting this sketchy style.

Gift: A5 Fine print*1 (1 Random picture out of of 6)

[Gift: 1 Random picture out of of 6]

Additional Purchase: £5.00 for all A5 fine prints (6 Pictures)
*This purchase already included 1 gift picture, plus 5 extra pictures, total=6 pictures.

1. Pre-order open until 20 Jan 2013.
2. Please decide if to purchase additional prints before ordering.
Those prints CANNOT be added afterwards.
3. Books will be posted in the middle Febuary.

How to Order:
Purchase through my online shop (link below).
Please remember to give your full name & address while paying.
*Please indicate if you wish: Book only/ with Signature/ with Fine Print*6/ or with Both

This book is for adult only.

>>>>>  [Book Icy Flame]  <<<<<

For the steps showing how to do the pre-order, please click here.
You can view all Icy Flame here. Thank you for reading.^^

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