Thursday, 2 May 2013

Inking with Wacom Inkling

Wacom Inkling, this gadget arrived my place some time ago. Recently TH Yu and I just unpacked the box together and tried to use it. I surprisingly found out that this gadget is very suitable for me!

It has two parts: a digital pen and a receiver. The receiver will detect the movement of the digital pen and record the path, just like a live scanner. By the time you finish inking, your lineart already in the receiver and ready to be imported into your computer. Superb!

What makes it more amazing is, the receiver has layer function. You can do part lineart drawing for the first layer, and then ink some other part for another layer. This function is perfectly fit my drawing habit because I always like to draw the face and body into two different layers. So this is just great for me!

TH Yu filmed my test drawing and made it a 2 minutes video. Today I made a shorter version into 30 seconds. Have a look if you're interested.^^ (2-min version's here)

Btw, I'll do Cat Ears manga portrait in MCM Expo London. This is also a practice of it.^__^

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