Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hyper Japan - July convention!

I've been sketching a lot but don't know if I'll complete any of them yet.

The top left is a fanart of Tatami Galaxy. It's not new but is an incredible animation and definitely in my best list. The story line is perfect and I once thought it's the best animation that year. It's ED is very cool. Check it out!

The next animation I'm expecting is Knights of Sidonia II. I'll probably draw it first.XD

[Hyper Japan!!]

25 - 27 July
Earls Court One, London

This month I'm going to Hyper Japan held in London. It's a J-culture event and I'll have a table selling my artworks and drawing manga portraits.

Welcome to visit me and say hi! See you there!^___^

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