Sunday, 31 August 2014

Camcon Aug 2014! [Update]

[Update] Check out Camcon's photos [here]!^__^

Sorry for the late update!!!! I'm still alive!!!!

It's been a very busy month for me this August. But I managed to keep my work and drawing in a balance. Believe me, it's not easy!!

Well, I just came back from Camcon yesterday. Camcon is a small but nice convention held in Cambridge. Yesterday was a lovely day with wonderful weather. Thanks all the people who came to visit me no matter you buy or not. Lol. I'll have some photos sharing with you, but again, I have to wait until TH Yu uploads them.:XD:

I drew two sketches on the train to Cambridge. They are Nine (Arata Kokonoe ) and Twelve (Tōji Hisami) from Terror in Resonance. I draw them from my memory as I was on the train and had no reference to check on. So they may not look like them.:XD: But I was so wanting to draw them so I did.

Terror of Resonance is not the type of animation that we often seen, but it has some attractive elements that I can't help but always think of it. Maybe it's the storyline, maybe it's the pair of handsome main characters.:P It could be Yoko Kanno's music, too? Anyway I look forward to the whole episodes.

Following is the sketches of my latest Kuroshitsuji doujinshi. I haven't completely finished the storyline yet. But I'll just see how it goes during sketch.

If you can read Chinese then you'll know what the story's based on. Haha.

Okay! Finally, here are some Hyper Japan photos if you still remember it and feel interested in it. TH Yu has some nice photos of Hyper Japan. Please see them in the [link].

See you next time! Take care x

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