Friday, 31 October 2014

Nine and Twelve, and Three.


Note: Spoiler contained.

Terror in Resonance is my recent favourite animation. The two teenage boys in this animation clutched my heart so tight that their images and sadness hovered in my head and would not go. I especially like their character design, which is done by Kazuto Nakazawa. Music by Yoko Kanno, which is epic. And the director Shinichirō Watanabe is just fabulous!

But now I'd like to talk about the relationship between the main characters and the album "Von". Because I found something quite interesting there. "Von" is published by Sigur Ros. People who have seen this animation will know that "Von" is the centre of this animation. Check the song list of this album, there are twelve songs. If we put the main characters' numbers and the song list together, we can find the relationship below:

Nine - "Von" (Hope)
Five - "Myrkur" (Darkness)
Twelve - "Rukrym" (Darkness backwards)

Nine finally completed their ultimate mission on his own, so he presents Hope. Five was to obstruct Nine and motivated by hate-ish emotion, so she is Darkness. And Twelve is opposite. Isn't it interesting?

There are not only the three numbers. Remember the girl Lisa? Her surname is "Mishima", kanji written "三島", and the first kanji means "Three". Have a look of the song list:

Three - "Hún Jörð …" (Mother Earth)

She is like playing an important role in this animation. But in the same time she doesn't seem to be necessary there. But of course she is there for a reason. That is to make the two boys feel alive and being needed. And that's the elements people need to stand on. So she presents Mother Earth.

Could it be like what I think? Or maybe I just think too much? Anyway, it's just my little thought here.

Terror in Resonance is not wildly talked about. But I really recommend it. If you haven't watched this animation, go and watch it now!:)

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