Sunday, 11 October 2015

Checking Teeth

I've been drawing Owari no Seraph fanart recently. This animation has great characters, interesting storyline, and some dark element inside (which I like!^^). I especially like the two leading characters Mica and Yuu. They are from the same family but forced to be separated in two different world -human and vampire- which are constantly in war. How are they going to be family again and return to a peaceful life? Well, we have to watch the animation to find out.XD

The idea of this new picture is that when Yuu realised Mica has become a vampire, would he be curious and want to have a look of vampire teeth?XD Saying "Let me see it." and opens his mouth. Just like normal family will do.^^ Anyway, hope you like this picture. If you feel interested in this animation I'll be happy, too.^_^

Click in to see drawing process. (.gif file)

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