Sunday, 15 August 2010

RedSnow Studio T-Shirts

I took part in RedSnow Studio's project - RedSnow Studio T-Shirts in November 2009. The main idea was to design a simple concept of character wearing RedSnow T-shirts. The characters can be anyone or anything but have to meet a constant that the character's wearing a generic t-shirt with logo in relatively the same position.

©Liona Wu

My idea was to present lively RedSnow logo like showing one's heart, so I designed an image that two hands unzipping and opening wide a jumper and exposing what is inside. The RedSnow logo can be seen on a black t-shirt under the jumper, however, it seems to be understood two layers is actually in a layer, in one t-shirt.

RedSnow Studio
To see the whole project pictures please come here.

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