Monday, 18 October 2010

Meet you in MCM Expo!

I am excited that I  am attending MCM Expo this month. Although I have been to several events and got some experience, this time is very different, it is my first "comic party" in the UK. Preparing for the party has brought me a lot of fun, however not everything is easy and nice, some tough work like the translation of my books was killing me. Luckily my friend David helped me sort this out, so my translation books can come out on time.:) (Thank you David!)

Except books I also have some writing paper, bookmarks, and fans...which may not be very useful in winter, but they are definitely useful in summer time! Here is some information of my products.

Donjinshi: D-class Fight
Death Note x D.Gray-man
notice: light yaoi

In the book I mixed two manga "Death Note" and "D.Gray-man" together. Why choose these two, well, the reason is simple, it is because both their title starts with D, and I like them both.:) I made Death Note's characters the third graders; D.Gray-man's characters the second graders, and they compete different games which are not normally seen in the Sports Day.;) The winner can get a hot spring break. Which side will grab the big prize home?

notice: light yaoi

This book is composed by several short stories, but  mainly you will see certain characters repeated shown up, thay are author's favourite.:) Including Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara, etc... The book's author is Unipo who used to be my manga partner, I enjoy her manga a lot! I believe you will enjoy her book as well.:)

Fans, Bookmarks, and Writing paper
Neath Note
Magic Law

As you see here are paper accessories including bookmarks, letter set and notes. There may be some postcards as well if I can draw new pictures on time.:)

I welcome you very much to my table and find me. No matter you buy or not, I will be very happy if you come to have a look, a chat or even give me a smile.:) See you there!:)

Name: Liona wu (Share table with Tim)
Table number: C81 (View the map)
29th Oct (Friday): Table preparing only
30th Oct (Saturday): 11am to 6pm
31st Oct (Sunday): 11am to 5pm

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