Monday, 3 January 2011

I am a big fan of Mello/Near

This is my latest dojin "Vodka Flavoured Christmas Eve".
Please Note that this post contains BL/YAOI stuffs.

I used to draw Death Note fanarts and dojinshi back in Taiwan, and somehow I particularly loved to draw the second section of Death Note which is Mello and Near playing the main roles. And I love this pair (I call it MN) very very very~~ much!! I have a whole gallery of these two!!

Although I stopped drawing them for almost four years, now because of the participation in deviantART I started drawing this pair again. I guess I was stimulated by many great MN artworks, and I still love Mello very much, therefore I could pick up the motivity very soon. No matter how less people care about Death Note, not to mention the small amount of MN lovers, I wanted to draw what I love.

I roughly finished a MN dojin before Christmas, for Mello. Because according to original settings, Mello had his last birthday and Christmas of his life in 2010. And I wanted to make his last holiday greatly joyful and unforgettable! I wanted to give him the biggest present ever! So I wrote a short plot about him and Near and quickly had it done.

I uploaded the story to deviantART and got several nice responses.:) Now the story is going to be translated into Spanish and probably Italian as well. I've done the Mandarin version, too, so totally I may have my dojin with four different languages, that is utterly cool!!

Here I want to specially thank Georgia who helped me with English collation. We met each other in MCM Expo in October and she has a deviantART account, too. When I asked for help with my English dialogue through there, she jumped out immediately. Thank you very much!!:))

There are some pages under the line. But...

*Warning* Do NOT read it if you do NOT like/understand BL/YAOI.

*Before the pictures, it is my obligation to declare that I don't own Death Note. Death Note originally belongs to Tsugumi Oba and Takeshi Obata.*

Information of this dojin:

Title: Vodka Flavoured Christmas Eve
Pairing: Mello x Near
Pages: 12
Yaoi: 2/5

↓ The cover page of Mandarin version.

↓ The first page.

↓ The 2nd page.

↓ The 3rd page.

If you are interested in this story, please come to my deviantART gallery where I put all the story in English version.

I am thinking to publish the story to a 16 pages dojinshi (book) and bring it to my next convention in March. I'll make the images more detailed and draw some new single pages. I hope I can finish everything before February. Please note the latest information here.:)

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