Monday, 9 May 2011

Icy Flame

This is the cover of my new doujin, and this page is what I've got so far. 
Different from the previous story, I want it more serious and mature,
full of emotions and very thick love.
If you want to follow up the story please go to my deviantART gallery.

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Here are my colouring steps. I used a lot of plain colour, some airbrush and some other simple skills to finish this picture. It is easy to learn and will be a good sample for beginners.

1. Scan the original pencil sketch.

2. Put on plain skin colour and basic shadow.

3. Use airbrush gradually put on more shadow on the forehead, cheeks and neck.
    Draw light blue as the base layer of hair.

4. Use airbrush to add shadow also lighten the fringe and front lock.
    (Burn tool and Dodge tool is very helpful in darken and lighten pixels too.)

5. Put gradient red colour as clothes and add some shadow.

6. Emphasise the features.
    Slowly and carefully draw the necklace.
    Copy the necklace layer and turn it into light orange colour.
    Then multiply the layer as the shadow.

7. Draw dark blue inside the clothes and add some white dots to create a dreamy atmosphere.

8. The final picture.

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