Saturday, 9 July 2011

The prologue of Icy Flame

This is the second colour picture of my latest doujin - Icy Flame.
I've done 12 pages, which is just the prologue.
There is still long story to tell.^^

The following chapter will contain a lot of mature stuffs.
I was thinking how to make the story beautiful
but also successfully show the lust.
It's a challenging. I'm getting excited.^__^

Click here to read the story +


  1. test (I've left one comment but it didn't appear)

  2. I like the second from right picture at the bottom (white-blue-green one):
    For me that was the best choice of colours in the whole London MCM.

    I like also your idea about comic cards with your website address at the back (especially chocolate girl one).
    Have a nice sunday!