Tuesday, 1 November 2011

London MCM Expo Oct 2011

This was the second time I attended London MCM Expo. This time I shared a table with Clover Lee. And my husband TH shared a table with RedSnow Studio.

It was an excellent time selling artworks with Clover. I like her style and we're both fond of yaoi. We shared some information of latest animations, and swapped our doujinshi books. It was a wonderful experience and we will share table again in next MCM in May.:)

I met many nice people, beautiful cosplayers, and excellent artists. I had a great time! Thank you everyone for coming to say hi, vewing my artwork, and buying my stuffs. Thank you all!!

I got one commission each day. The first one was to draw L (Death Note) and the second one was to draw a manga portrait for a pair of brothers. I didn't advertise commissions on my table. But I do take commissions when being asked. I've done a few commissions and got very good responses. So I may open commissions from the next convention which is "Comica Comiket: Independent Comics Fair" on 12 Nov. If you like my artwork, welcome to commission me.:)

After giving her the L picture, I found out that I forgot to draw L's panda eyes! That was so embarrassing!>.< Anyway! Thank you very much for your commission.:)

A manga portrait for my dear friend.:)

To see more photos please go to TH Yu's page.
Hope to see you cute people again next May!!:))

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