Saturday, 21 January 2012

Idle talk

"Ai no Kusabi" is a Japanese yaoi novel written by Rieko Yoshihara. There was OVA released in 1994. And now a new version is on progress. The first episode was just released. It is very beautiful and well made. I like the script a lot! Can't wait for the next one.:)

Also recently, I'm slowly consuming Tiger and Bunny and Loveless, too. (I found out that Loveless is a bit hard to understand in the beginning.^^") Plus my unfinished doujin work. What a busy year 2012! =w=

話說我的虎與兔都還沒完食吶...@@然後我又開始啃高河弓的(有點難懂的)Loveless... 忙碌的2012......=w=

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