Saturday, 11 February 2012

Angouleme Comics Festival 2012

Tim and I went to Angouleme Comics Festival on 26 Jan to see Taiwan Expo. We booked the accommodation too late and only could live in a nearby city - Bordeaux. So it became a trip visiting both Bordeaux and Angouleme.:)


Expo Taiwan:

My friend Tpcat was one of the artists invited to this festival. We haven't seen each other for ages! It was really good that I could see her and say my wishes to her face to face. Her new fluffy chubby animal characters are extremely adorable! If you like fluffy cuties you must check out her website and get some books.:) -


There are 21 venues with different themes and they spreaded the whole town! Tim and I only stayed two days and it was far not enough! (Plus we spent most of time in Expo Taiwan.) I personally think even four days are not enough at all. But well, next year I'll go again and challenge myself exploring everything over there.:)


For more photos please click here.

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