Wednesday, 29 May 2013

MCM Expo London in May 2013

I had a very good weekend in this MCM Expo! I met many new friends and received many fabulous artworks from them. I got lots of nice commissions. I even exchange doujinshi books with one of my favourite artist. It was amazing!

This b/w picture is my first commission in the weekend.
The character belongs to Akwa.

Manga portrait with free cat ears.
There are still many people I didn't list here.
Thank you all very much for commissioning me.^_^

I shared a table with my husband TH Yu.
His artwork is always beautiful!

Several friends and us took cable car from Royal Victoria to North Greenwich on our way home. We were all very excited and taking photos everywhere.^^
It has a great view of The O2 Arena!

I brought some doujinshi books and postcards home.
It was really good to talk to those amazing artists and share some experience.
Especially thank Eternal-S exchange books with me. You absolutely made my day! Thank you.^_^

To see more photos of MCM, please go to TH Yu's album.

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