Friday, 30 August 2013


Hey! Guess what's that about? It's my first trio-collaberating project! Yeah!

I rarely do collabs, not to mention trio-collaberating! Very excited!
The other two great artists are TH Yu and Oniphoenix. Well, I know, our styles are very different from each other. But that's the fun of it! To mix different styles together and blend the creativity out! We are going to do a series of character design, and we will reveal those characters in October 2013 MCM in very nice prints.

So far I've just done one character, there are still three more to go. I'm so slow so I have to work extra hard to make everything on time. Anyway! Please do check our teaser out. At this stage we only reveal the name of this project and introduce the three artists. Very soon we will reveal more detail about it. Enjoy!

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