Saturday, 21 September 2013

Character revealing

Hey! The project - Supermarkedonians - collaborating between me and TH Yu & Oniphoenix now has entered the characters revealing stage! Each of us has four characters to design, so total will be 12 characters. If you haven't got the idea what is Supermarkedonians, here is a short introduction:

Supermarkedonians is a an interactive print based project by 3 artists collaborating on an epic extravaganza! It is character design driven, with each artist designing a set of characters, as well as short background stories as part of the development. (Introduction from Oniphoenix's page. XD)

Okay, back to character revealing! Oniphoenix has just completed his character revealing. Check out his cowboy - Holfud. Yeeha! Next one is my turn to reveal one character. The revealing has three steps. The first one will only have little peep while most image covered by shadow; the second step will uncover more area, until the third time to reveal entire image.

My character going to be revealed is Sada. She was born rich but with poor manner herself. Haha! On 25 SEP will be her first reveal. And sure I'll update it here.

:bulletblue: Join this project by giving their surnames

We invite you, the public, and MCM attendees to be involved by giving our 12 characters, like Holfud, wacky, quirky, bizarre 'surnames'. Here is what you do to enter:
You can name as many characters as you like to each Twitter account's set of characters with a # hashtag of character names and to end tweets with this #SMDTLO:
Example: ~RedSnowStudio #Holfud Aloe Vera. Hope I win. Thanks! #SMDTLO

Liona Wu set, reply @LionaWu (name the following characters) #Sada#Li-O#Marx#Tes (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

Oniphoenix set, reply ~RedSnowStudio (name the following characters) #Holfud#Iceileen#San,#Nissy (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

TH Yu set, reply @th_yu (name the following characters) #Coop#Cossata#Morris#Rose (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

The closing date for this competition will be the 10th of October. The winners will be announced and listed as contributors on the project. So… be creative!

Thank you for reading. See you soon

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