Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Supermarkedonians Preview 2 (Part 1)

It's my turn to reveal one of my Supermarkedonians characters! As I told you before, her name is Sada, a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but unlike her background, she has poor manner unfortunately.XD

Here she is!!

Aha! I'm sorry the first preview has the most restrict view.XD
Next time I'll reveal more.
See you again soon on 30 Sep!:)

Oh! Don't forget that we have a little game you can join, see below for details.

:bulletblue: Join this project by giving their surnames

We invite you, the public, and MCM attendees to be involved by giving our 12 characters, like Holfud, wacky, quirky, bizarre 'surnames'. Here is what you do to enter:

You can name as many characters as you like to each Twitter account's set of characters with a # hashtag of character names and to end tweets with this #SMDTLO:
Example: @RedSnowStudio #Holfud Aloe Vera. Hope I win. Thanks! #SMDTLO

Liona Wu set, reply @LionaWu (name the following characters) #Sada#Li-O#Marx#Tes (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

Oniphoenix set, reply @RedSnowStudio (name the following characters) #Holfud#Iceileen#San#Nissy (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

TH Yu set, reply @th_yu (name the following characters) #Coop#Cossata#Morris#Rose (end tweets with) #SMDTLO

The closing date for this competition will be the 10th of October. The winners will be announced and listed as contributors on the project. So… be creative!

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