Sunday, 13 October 2013

Supermarkedonians - Marx

This is Marx, the gentleman of my Supermarkedonians characters. I personally like him the most amount my four.:) I want Marx look classic but also fashionable in the design. From the past until now, he keeps learning, walking forward and not looking back. This is why I like him the most.:)

Following is the process I draw Marx. Please click in to view.

* This is the first draft of Marx. Looks like a boring man.

* The second draft of Marx. Yes, I firstly drew him with long hair.XD

* Lineart, he became with short hair.
I'm sorry I just change my mind whenever I like.XD

* Base colour. I again changed his hand lifting the hat.

* Build up the shadow, lightening, and the details.

* Flower decorating. I wanted to draw him covered with flowers.
But at last I only put flower pattern on his coat.

* Background. I put gradient colour from purple to green, added some strips to create a simple depth.

* Copy and adjust the flowers we used before, set the flower layer "Screen".
Erase some parts of the flowers, draw some smoke with airbrush to make a foggy look.

* Put Marx in the middle, then done.^^

 If you're interested in my other character Sada, you can find Sada here.^_^

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