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Hello! Welcome to my Superkedonians online content page.

"In the strange world of the Supermarkedonians nothing may be what it seems. The people who inhabit it could just be representations of places you know very well… in fact you probably visited one of them today…"

Supermarkedonians is a character design based project participated by three artists - TH Yu, Oniphoenix, and me. You can sniff out the true idea of this project form the title and those vivid characters. If you still haven't got a clue, check out my four characters below and you may get closer to this answer.^_^

"Sada was born to a humble family and spent her early years working hard on a farm. She seemed set to inherit the family business until her life was turned upside down. Her true parents from across the sea discovered her. Fabulously wealthy, they took her from a life of toil to one of luxury. This has had a profound effect on her personality. Very much living in two worlds, Sada finds it hard to connect with either the rich or poor in society."

"Of transparently noble blood, he rules his realm with an iron fist, brandishing his iron mace wherever he goes . Li-O cuts a weird figure with his lederhosen and sausage talisman, but no one would say so to his face. He demands a lot from those who serve him, but is also a chronic workaholic, dedicating all of his time to the upkeep of his realm. A creature of vanity, he spends a great deal of time on his muscular physique."

"Out of all the Supermarkedonians Tes is the richest by a long margin. She more than enjoys the luxury her wealth brings, indulging her passions in fine food and drink. Chatty and personable, she can sometimes be a bit too much and her moneyed status means she can only have a certain circle of friends. As for where her wealth comes from some people have their suspicions, like Holfud. Maybe his complete disapproval gives us a clue."

"A dedicated follower of fashion, Marx is one of those people who never has a hair out of place. You may see him strolling proudly through the swankiest thoroughfares, plainly avoiding the grimier side of town. He is also fastidious about his food, making sure that he knows exactly where it has come from. An obsessive streak belies his need for companionship and he is always on the lookout for new friends, who are almost always just tourists passing by."

Art prints of the four characters will be presented to you on 25-27 MCM Expo London.

* * Art prints size A6 x 4. * *

Here are some fun stuffs we made for this project.

* * Three steps revealing a character. My one is Sada. * *
(On 25 Sep / 30 Sep / 5 Oct)

* * Project promo teaser trailer. * *
(On 21 Aug)

Now I believe you've known this project very well! Want to find out what Supermarkedonians are you? Click the picture below and spend just 30 seconds to find out!

** Which Supermarkedonians are you? **

* * Goodies for you! Download the wallpaper if you like. * *
(1280*720 px)

Check out other eight Supermarkedonians from TH Yu and Oniphoenix. The introduction text and character backstories are written by Mablox.

If you like this project, please help us share it out using #SMDTLO on Facebook and Twitter.^__^

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