Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Betsu Ten Gai

Betsu Ten Gai (蔑天骸) is my favourite character in Thunderbolt Fantasy. Because he is pretty!!!! 

Thunderbolt Fantasy is really well made and fun. The puppets look luxury and elegant. They move smoothly and the fighting scenes are amazing. The puppet masters really put the soul into the puppets bodies. The scenes and decorations are extremely delicate. The voice actors and actresses did great jobs, too. As the facial expression is limited to read from the puppets, the voice acting is relatively important. I really like it in the whole.

The first season has come to an end. I'm excited that there is going to be a second season! Can't wait for it!

If you are new to Thunderbolt Fantasy, here are some pvs to get start. Hope you'll like it, too. :)

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