Monday, 10 October 2016

Hsiao and Yi (西門笑與西門義)

Last time when I drew "The distance between four and twelve", I was inspired by a series of romance novels written by Yuching. Now I have just drawn another piece inspired by the same novelist but from a different series.

The same thing about the two pairs I drew is they both appear in each series often, but there's never a complete story about themselves. So we (readers) have to find out every paragraphs of them from every books to make a picture of the pairs. The reason why the author felt reluctant to write was because the publisher meant to publish "men and women" romances. Therefore those yaoi kind wouldn't be published and that's why they were hidden in the other books, with the lightest hint.

This picture is called "Hsiao and Yi" which is based on their names: Hsimen Hsiao and Hsimen Yi. Yes, they have the same surname - Hsimen, which means they are brothers, but non-blood related. Because they are adopted kids in Hsimen family. Hsiao is a swordsman and good at martial arts. Yi is a business man. So I drew a sword by Hsiao and a abacus by Yi.

Anyway, those two series are my favourite novels. If possible I want to draw more of them.^__^

I'm now a big fan of Thunderbolt Fantasy as well. So you'll see more of this kind of images coming.^__^


Close up..

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