Monday, 4 June 2012

Conventions in spring time

I attended three conventions in the spring time from April to May. They are Comica Comiket, CamCon and MCM Expo. This summer seems to come particularly late, but luckily we had very warm sunny day in all these days! Here are some photos sharing with you.

[ Comica Comiket ]

I shared a table with TH Yu and Clover Lee. However Clover could not make it, so Dandan came to help. Thank you Dandan!

This my latest artwork - Meroshitsuji.
I drew Mello and Near with Kuroshitsuji's costumes.

This is Chinese Festival series collaborated with Clover. Every festival has a story in the past. Some of them are very important in Chinese culture, and we'd like to introduce them by drawing them in manga style.

This is new product called Ramdon Faces. Collaborated with TH Yu.

[ CamCon 2012 ]

CamCon is the very first convention held in Cambridge. But it didn't feel like a first one. It was very well organised and we had a very good time there!

I opened manga portrait commission in this con and got some commissions from many cool people. Here are some pictures sharing with you. I'm sorry that I cannot put all the pictures here, thank you everyone who commissioned me.:)

[ MCM Expo ]

This MCM Expo was the busiest con I've ever had in the UK. Like in CamCon, I also opened manga portrait commission and actually got quite a bit orders. It was a great time drawing many different people, just like doing the setting of characters. I even got commissions drawing families. It was amazing. I had a lot of fun!

The other great thing is that my lastest doujinshi - Vodka Flavoured Christmas Eve - was sold out!! It was amazing! Thank you very much for your support!

The capacity of Excel is incredible! Tons of people with fabulous costumes gathered in this big place, absolutely made it the realm of Manga! I love to watch people in steampunk costume. It looks so powerful and so cool!!:)

Here are some photos of manga portraits. Sorry that I cannot put all the pictures here because there are to many. Thank you very much everyone for your commission. Every of you are unique and lovely!

This girl commissioned me twice. Thank you so so much!

At last, thank you again all the people for popping in, commissioning me, and for your compliment.:)
Looking forward to seeing you again next con!

Click in to see more photos.

My tablemate TH Yu.

Me and my lovely neighbour Clover Lee.

(TH Yu's table mate) Leon in MCM.

I't s good to have you together in those great events.:)

Clover Lee:
TH Yu:
Leon Active:

Comica Comiket:
London MCM Expo:

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