Sunday, 26 August 2012


Well, originally, a meme means "an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture." In the fandam, artworks with a simple idea spread from person by person, too, with a simple template. That's how we use memes. Here I tried to do two memes that looked very interesting to me.

1. Right is Wrong

We usually draw with the dominant hand, but we don't know how the image would look like if we draw with the other hand. Now here is a challenge to test how good your non-dominant hand can draw. :)
Hum, I think my non-dominant hand is not too bad.^^

Template here.

2. Kiss scenes challenge (Click in to view/Yaoi)

Okay, this is a good chance to practice some kiss scenes.XD There are four difference scenes for you to draw:

Upper-left: Kiss on the forehead
Upper-right: Kiss on the nose
Down-left: Kiss on the ear
Down-right: Kiss on the lips

I did them with four different pairings. The first three pairings are my favourite. I don't know the last one very much to be honest.XD At least I know I was drawing USUK (APH).

After I downloading the template, I forgot to enlarge it first... And I drew them with 1-5 pixels brushes. If I enlarge the picture, it will become mosaic...Q_Q

I got this template from here. If you'd like an English template, just google "Kiss meme", there are tons of them.^^

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